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Procurement and Supply services

“Experts in satisfying your needs”

Global Solution S.L does not aspire to be the largest Procurement, Logistics, and Supply services provider:  “We choose to focus our resources on serving a limited number of customers well - customers who place a premium on quality service and who can recognize our ability to meet their needs”

ProcuremenIn today’s global economy, everybody is looking for cost savings. At Global Solutions S.L , we’re perfectly placed to help our clients realise that goal.

We understand one of the key rules in any business: “TIME IS MONEY” for us and our partners so we strive to meet deadlines and respect our services delivery commitments.

supply0We help many different types of customers, from small commerce, shops, workshops to multinationals corporations, providing innovative procurement & supply services to reduce our customers' total cost of warehousing and personnel, ultimately saving our customers money.

Experts at satisfying your PPE Supply and customize with your logo, employee´s name anytime you need it locally in Equatorial Guinea.

Global Solutions S.L is an Equatorial Guinea leading supplier in Communications material, Office stationeries & equipment, School materials & Toys for employees ‘children gifts during Christmas and special corporate event, and various other items. procurement00

We help many different types of customers, from small workshops through to international corporations.

Our services include: Logistics-Custom clearance & Warehousing / stores

LogistiGlobal Solutions S.L has resources and facilities to manage and deliver the best solutions for your business. This means you have no need to dedicate expensive resources to managing logistics and customs requirement.

Our teams can focus on managing the large volume of low value component purchases your organisation handles each day, just provide to us your standard speficications and determinations, … and we will assist with... 

  • Purchasing Planning, Supplier Research & Selection, Price Negotiation, Inventory Control, Take care of the Logistics & Custom requirements,...all requirement up to delivering to your location.

Logistics:  Our logistics team manage the movement, warehousing and delivery of material to ensure we can meet our customers' exact demands of direct line feed and just in time delivery.

logisticosWorking from our customer forecasts and with real time monitoring, we are able to deliver directly to customers, even when requirements fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. We can also help customers gain a competitive advantage and cost savings by simplifying transportation networks. Once an agreed solution is in place, we will work together to analyse and optimise transportation links creating a strategy that is lean, efficient, ultimately improves customers' satisfaction and drives down costs.

We have transportation agreement with many logistics providers.logistic

Supply: We work closely with supply chain partners to ensure a smooth delivery process. Once materials have been delivered to our local warehouse, a dedicated locally based customer service manager ensures seamless replenishment direct to your line coordinating on a...


"Just In Time delivering to your desire location".supply



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